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Aris Katsaris writes...

ALONE: The Demona Contest Answer

Demona has finally broken her alliance of convenience with Xanatos: Once again she must work alone to do what must be done. And alone must all gargoyles be on this planet by destroying humanity before it destroys them. For her, for the gargoyle race, "ALONE" is the only way.

And "Alone" has indeed been the only way, hasn't it? For so long, nobody has understood her... or cared for her... or been able to comfort her. She doesn't even have the dream and hope of Goliath anymore... More so now than in a millenium of existence she is alone.

Greg responds...

Aris, thanks for entering.

As this was posted on September 29th, I should be able to announce the winner soon.

Response recorded on February 03, 2000