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The evil forces (o Las feurzas del mal, segun idioma ^_^) writes...

Dear mister weisman,
I'm a fan of your serie "gargoyles" and I tell this with admiration and respect.

Your behaviour with some fans is not very kind, I know you must be very tired to stand some fanatics of the serie, but remember, the word fan not always mean fanatic.
I Know, I Know, you are always answering the same question one time, and another and another and another, I understand it's must be very dull and boring, but understand us, we don't know the other fans´ questions and your answers, and we want to know all the details and tiny things of the serie.

Because is very possible that Disney will forgive the serie and we like to know , for example, what happen with Thailog or maybe Angela and Demona would be friends someday?, and only you have all the answers of our question, please, treat us with more respect and kind.
Remember, Disney could have forgive you, but we don't.

With all my respect and greatings from a group of fans of Spain (But this letter have been writing for only one person)

The evil forces and a group of fans.

Pd: forgive me if you didn't understand this letter, but my English is not very good ^_^.

Greg responds...

I'm not sure if you're using the word "forgive" correctly. But maybe you are.

I have tried, always, to treat the fans with respect. I'll admit that I have slipped on occasion. Gotten cranky. But I do believe those slips are relatively rare, and I like to think I have an excellent relationship with the fandom at large and with most fans individually (fanatical or otherwise).

I apologise if I've given any other impression beyond the obvious: I am tremendously gratified that they have worked so hard to keep the show alive in their hearts and mine.

So please do forgive me, if I've trespassed.

Response recorded on September 02, 2005