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Christina Romo writes...

Hi Greg!

I am a convention promoter in NJ that is having a show April 17 and 18th 2004 and the focus is American Animation, Sci Fi And gaming. I was wondering if you still had any contact with the voice actors from Gargoyles I could use to contact them and/or if you would be interested in coming to the show as a guest speaker and what your requirements would be. You can view our website at www.empirefanfest.com

Thanks and all the best!

Greg responds...

Hey Christina,

Well... It's now well past April 2004... so I'm guessing I'm too late.

I'm always interested in coming to conventions though! (I'm a big ham.) Two years out, if you're still interested in having me attend in 2006, you can contact me by e-mailing Gorebash, who runs this site.

Response recorded on September 13, 2005