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Paul Lalli writes...

I swear I haven't seen this answered anywhere, but I can't imagine I'm the first one to be confused by it.

How long did it take Xanatos to move all of Castle Wyvern from Scotland to Manhattan? Did it take longer than one day? If so, was the spell configured to end as soon as the last stone was replaced onto the newly transported castle? Or was the castle continuously rebuilt after Awakening?

If it did not take longer than one day, how was it possible for Xanatos to install all of the 'modern' components in the castle (elevators and vid screens and communications network etc)?

I guess this just boils down to me being confused as to the timeline of Castle Wyvern's transportation.


Greg responds...

I don't have the exact date, but the scene you saw, where Xanatos orders Owen to purchase Castle Wyvern, took place sometime in the year 1993.

The Gargoyles wake up on October 4th, 1994.

Thus the purchase, deconstruction, transportation and reconstruction of the castle took a minimum of nine months, and maybe as much as 21 months... even with Xanatos' wealth and connections.

Xanatos, following Demona's advice, was careful not to put the gargoyles in place until everything was ready.

Response recorded on October 12, 2005