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Msten7723 writes...

Last night I came up with good Questions about demon and her biology THAT I don't think was ask yet or atl3east i hope it wasn't.

! What effects has puck's spell that turns demona human had on her biologoy? For example can she still have kids becasue althought a gargoyle can lay eggs a human can not. Can she mate with a human when she is in human form and if she can will that baby be a hybrid of human/gargoyle genetics like delilia? Sicne she no longer turns to stone does she still absorb solar radiate that gives a gargoyle there energy or does she know have to sleep like every other human? When she is human does she still have the biology og a gargoyle on the inside or is her transformation a totall change? The list can go on and on so I'm going to end it here


A. Can she still have kids because althought a gargoyle lays eggs a human cannot?

Greg responds...

All this stuff has been asked before. Please check the ASK GREG ARCHIVES.

Response recorded on October 17, 2005