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Emperor Auladarr I writes...

Mr. Weisman,
I was looking through the FAQ's and I was reading about Goliath and Elisa's relationship and your plans for them. In regards to the Halloween Double-Date scenario, you said that "Delilah is eager, and for obvious reasons, physically attractive to Goliath." My questions are as follow:
1). Why is Delilah eager? Does she have an attraction to Goliath?
2). If so, how did it develop? I was under the impression that after Talon took her and the other clones into the Labyrinth Delilah and Goliath didn't have much interaction....

Thank you for your time--and, again, Gargoyles is an EXCELLENT series that I eager hope will one day continue in one form or another.

Greg responds...

1. Since she was programmed to fall for Thailog, I think she'd find Goliath attractive. I also think she's been a bit at sea since Coney Island.

2. I'm not going into this now, as I hope to put it in the comic book eventually.

Response recorded on October 24, 2005