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Chris "Vertigo1" Coleman writes...

Hi Greg. I'm glad to hear that Gargoyles is *FINALLY* getting its well deserved release to DVD. I've enjoyed every episode ever since they first aired, and ever since I saw the 'final' episode, have desperately been wanting more. (kinda shocking to hear this from a 22 year old isn't it? ;)) I do have a couple of questions though.

1. Will the 'banned' episode "Deadly Force" be released in the season 1 boxset?
2. Will we get to see the entire episodes? (The series has been repeating on Toon Disney for some time now, but the horrible edit jobs are blatantly obvious. Its obvious that the episodes in their entirety aren't being shown.)
3. Will we get to see the episodes in widescreen? (I'm a big pusher for 16x9 only formats.)

I apologize if any of these have already been answered as I haven't had time to search the archives.

Greg responds...

Guys, guys, you have to look ahead at the questions already asked. I have RECENTLY answered this question multiple times. RECENTLY. Even a quick perusal would have revealed that you needn't have bothered typing this up.

And seriously, what's the point of apologizing for not taking the time to check ahead or check the archives. Instead, why not TAKE the time? Or if you don't have the time, then hold off asking your question until you can take the time -- saving everyone time. All you've really succeeded in doing is delayed new questions from getting answered, adding to the nearly two year delay that will likely prevent you from even seeing this response to your question. And, Chris, I don't mean to pick on you personally. But your post, nice as it was, is emblematic of why ASK GREG is so far behind and why the question-asking function is shut down now. I'm not absolving myself, but I'm also not getting much cooperation.

1. And so again, YES, it was.

2. Again, yes.

3. Again, the episodes were NEVER made for widescreen. So what would be the point in putting them in widescreen now? They were ALWAYS formatted for a standard television screen.

Response recorded on November 17, 2005