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Hardwing writes...

Why is Demona is always doing so poorly when she fights against Elisa?

I mean through her 1000 years of experiences in battle she should be a damned good warrior (considering that the Weird Sisters and the Archmage wanted her), so why has she lost against Elisa even in her gargoyle form(Avalon)?

Was it because she was ever such outraged that she became incautious? Or is Elisa truly the better fighter?

Greg responds...

I think that a few factors come into play.

I think that Demona is unaccustomed to fighting in human form, which is why she has difficulty in "High Noon".

I think on Avalon, she was under the Archmage's thrall, which dampened her own skills... as it dampened her free will.

And I think that Demona has an obvious rage problem, and since much of that rage is laser-focused on Elisa specifically, she often lets her anger get the better of her skills.

Also the battles have always been brief, with many distractions and third party interventions.

I think Elisa's pretty tough and savvy, but in any sustained conflict between the two, I'd absolutely put my money on Demona.

Response recorded on November 30, 2005