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Todd Jensen writes...

In the first two parts of "City of Stone", Duncan, while not yet King, often acts as though he already had royal authority. He appoints Gillecomgain to the post of High Steward of Moray, with no sign of having consulted his grandfather Maol Chalvim first. He also has the power to force a marriage between Gruoch and Gillecomgain, with Bodhe saying that it would be high treason to deny Duncan's wishes on the matter. In fact, he appears in the first two parts of "City of Stone" to be king in all but name, despite the fact that he doesn't become King of Scotland until two years after the events in "City of Stone Part Two". Do you have any thoughts on this?

Greg responds...

Thought one... we were simplifying our storytelling by not including Maol Chalvim.

Thought two... I think Maol may have invested considerable authority into his grandson.

Thought three... I wouldn't be surprised to find out Duncan had "incapacitated" Maol to some degree...

Response recorded on December 05, 2005