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Anonymous writes...

I know your probably sick of reading these questions so I'll get to the
point. In a previous answer you told us the ages of all the gargoyles.
Now, I did some math and the numbers I got don't make sense. For example,
you said that Goliath's Generation (Goliath, Demona, Coldstone, etc.) were
1058 (29) years old. That would mean that they were born in 938 AD. But
you also said that the Trio's Generation were 1038 (19) years old. That
would mean that they were born in 958 AD. So, the generations were 20
years apart. That makes sense. What doen't make sense is that when the Trio
were born, Goliath's Generation were only 20 (10). So they couldn't have been
old enough to reproduce (unless gargoyles mature really quickly). But
when you see the way Goliath acts around the Trio, it seems like he's
"fatherly". Could you explain why? Thanks for this unique oppertunity.

Greg responds...

You could say he acts fatherly. But he's more of a big brother.
Think of Rex and Speed Racer. (All that math, and you're question came down
to subtleties of character.) Goliath's generation was not the biological
parents of the Trio's generation. They were among the biological parents of
Angela and Gabriel's generation.

(GDW / 7-22-98)

Response recorded on July 22, 1998