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Ashley writes...

Hey. ive been reading all of this stuff about making lexington gay. i think that would be okay but what if little kids that watch this show would think its al right to be gay? i like that fact by making him gay but if little kids watch it and start to like the fact of being gay thier parents might get mad. anyway i like the idea im just wondering about little kids. GARGOYLES FOREVER!

Greg responds...

Well, you are in essence raising THREE issues.

One involves how Lexington will be portrayed in the future.

One involves what I personally think is and isn't appropriate for little kids.

And one involves how SOME parents might react.

So let's take them one at a time.

1. Gargoyles is owned by Disney, and I'd be kidding you and myself if I didn't recognize that there are certain limits to what Disney will allow. My goal with Lex is to be honest and consistent in HIS portrayal. Not to be titillating (let alone pornographic). Frankly, I wish I had the freedom to be more forthright. Perhaps there's an element of cowardice in my middle ground position. I'll cop to that. But I'm just trying to tell stories honestly. I face restrictions. I live with those restrictions. What that means practically, is that few people beyond the hardcore fandom will see Lex's orientation as any kind of issue at all.

2. Personally, I think little kids should (a) know that there are homosexuals out there and (b) know that they are just as human (or gargoylian) as anybody else. They aren't "sinners" or whatever other fill-in-the-blank name anyone feels like throwing around irresponsibly. That's just my opinion, but it is one that I feel strongly about.

3. Certainly some parents would disagree with me. Others wouldn't. But this brings our circular discussion back to the beginning. There isn't going to be anything in Gargoyles for parents to object to. We're not going to be depicting homosexual sex anymore than we're going to be depicting heterosexual sex. And unless the climate in our country changes considerably, we won't even be discussing the issue. I'll simply try to be honest in the depiction of my characters, whether or not I feel those characters are gay or straight.

Response recorded on February 03, 2006