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Jacob writes...

I know you have plans to release gargoyles on dvd. do you plan to interview cast and crew for the dvd? I have contact with sarah douglas. she appeared in MIA. She is doing her first commentary track with conan the destroyer collectors edition from the UK. Its a region 2dvd. I have more info at my site: www.angelfire.com/ca4/sarahdouglas
was curious if you want to interview or something with sarah for the gargoyle episode of MIA?


Greg responds...

The choices of who to include on the DVDs were not really up to me. I made suggestions. But the final picks were decided based on a combination of BVHE's decision and availability on the tight schedule we were working on for both of the first two DVD releases.

It would have been great to get Sarah, great to have gotten a ton of actors from the show. But they didn't want a gang of thousands. So our focus was on regulars. People who contributed a GREAT deal to the project. Not just one episode.

So on the first season DVD you have myself and Keith "Goliath" David and Frank Paur.

And on the second season Volume One DVD you have myself, Frank, Michael Reaves, Jeff "Brooklyn/Owen/Magus/Bruno" Bennett, Bill "Broadway" Faggerbakke, Thom "Lexington" Adcox, Edward "Hudson" Asner and Brigitte "Angela" Bako.

Response recorded on February 06, 2006