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Luke writes...

I am a soldier in Afghanistan and was wondering both if and when i could get the series of Gargoyles shipped to me? How much would it cost? and is there a list i could get on to make sure i secured a copy. Time really drags here so all we have to help are tv series and i've been looking everywhere for this series and can't find it.

Greg responds...


I feel just awful that this question was languishing here for over a year. I hope by now, assuming your even still checking back for an answer, you've found the discs. This site isn't designed as a clearing house for the DVDS, but there is a link to Amazon.com on this page. They're probably your best bet.

Mostly I hope that you are safe and well and possibly home. My cousin Brian is a U.S. Marine currently stationed in Iraq. I'm very proud of him and of you. My thoughts are with you.

Greg Weisman

Response recorded on February 15, 2006