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Karlyl writes...

Well, you wanted con reports...here's a long bugger. ^_^


I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off and went to work and packed and dropped my luggage with the zipper not zipped, thereby spilling everything across my living room. Ha ha aha. Made it out to the airport,where at TEN-THRITY at NIGHT, there was traffic all up the ass at LAX. V. Disgruntled, but made it into TERMINAL 2 in no less than 30 minutes. I should’ve got out and walked, it would’ve been faster. XD.

Anyways, checked in and dealt with the idiot ppl at the front desk ( Them: You have e-ticket! Me: I go international! Them: You have e-ticket! Me: Machine won’t give me a boarding pass because I’m going _international_ you freak! Them: You haveâ€" Me: Oh, for God’s sake, just check me in!) I make it down to the waiting area for Northwest and whip out the drawing utensils. I had inked versions of all the pieces I was planning to show ( cuz I like, decided to do them Tuesday, instead of having a blank board XD) . I start working on the Puck/Wyrd Sisters piece and realize that I’m a bit loopy. So I call my friend Teresa to let her know I’m leaving (I forgot to tell her when I was going). Anyways, I work on that a while, then they call us for boarding. Nice ppl have pillows and blankets on every seat, which makes me happy. I planned to do some more drawing, but was so tired that five minutes into the flight, I zonked. So did everyone else apparently. I woke up when the head flight attendant with the accent from hell (Please fasten seat belllllllllllllllllllltttttttttttts for takeoff, Thaaaaank you, come agan!!!) told everyone that we were approaching Detroit. I was like, yes, is good, though I have various cricks from sleeping in non feasible positions.


Get into Detroit, find gate for Montreal. I sit down and furiously begin work on the “Moondance” piece. Am very, very, very tired, but know I need to finish, as I didn’t finish the puck one and this one, plus the London one are infinitely more complicated. Get on plane to Montreal and end up passing out, so I didn’t work on the pic anymore. Get off plane and wander through the “corridors of doom!”, aka, the Montreal arrivals area until I get to customs. I g through, get luggage and then I see Liz (Sara Berkeley)! I call out and we hug and yay! I was just happy to see someone I knew. I meet Taylor, who is just in front and we all go out to the curb. I hang with them while we play “where is the van with Patrick in it”. Laurean (Siryn) shows up not too long afterwards. We wait a while until they arrive and then they take the van and I jump a taxi to the hotel. Taxi guy is real nice and gives me a neato map and event booklet and circles relevant places. I get to the hotel and am blown away by how lovely it is. I can’t check in, as the room isn’t ready, so I wander up the street to get food. I come back and I wait around to see folks and an hour or so after I get there, I see Seth (IRC Goliath)! We chat for a while, until his roomies show up. About ten minutes later, Karine (Kanthara) and Cindy (Eden) and Rob (Talyesin) all show up, and I see Scott (Abram Wintersmith) too! SO I wander over and am like “Hi hi!”. Kelly (KWSapphire) still isn’t in yet. Liz and taylor show up and then Liz pawns Taylor off on me. We randomly meet Julie (Chameleongirl), who is our other roommate, so everyone but Kelly is there yet. The room is on her card and no one else’s name is on the room so we can’t check in yet. We end up curling in chairs and sleeping, until Kelly calls my cell.

Anyways, we go up to the room and I resume my mad frantic must draw frenzy. Kelly gets Tony and Andrea from downstairs and everybody chats in the room for a while. The other folks go out to meet ppls for dinner, which ends up being a flop, but I stayed in so I could work on the art. Eventually, around eleven or so, I think they come back and Kelly gives me the second half of her tuna salad sandwich. I gobble down and thank her. We sleep.


Mad frantic dash to finish art crap. Going nuts. Rest of folks get up and go to breakfast, _I think_. I sit around and finish up art. I am so happy when finished, I run down around 12:30pm and set up art stuff. I see Cindy again and Jen (CrzyDemona)! Jen’s hubby, Alan walks up to me and says “You’re Trishana” and I am like “I am…”. Hahahha. Alan has sexy knees XD. Anyways, I put up my crap â€" Karine lets me borrow some black construction paper from her ( thank yooooouuuu!!!) so I can mount my stuff on something. After that…I…uh…I don’t remember what I did after that. XD I know I picked up my registration packet and said hi to Rob and Kelly roped me into doing clan Olympics with her, Julie and Kyffin…der…OH! Yes. Me, Julie and Kelly went to the French Staples office supply store and I had a fit because I bought some stuff really cheap there!!! After that, I went to Cindy’s costuming panel, at which time, the legend of Man-Faye became known and has since made its rounds through the con. XD They were filming and Cindy kept curbing her language and it was rather funny, ehehhee. “Son of biâ€"er gun.” Anyways, after that was the opening ceremonies!! We went to that and it went incredibly long, though I dug the Ed Asner tape comment: “Vampires…it’s what we’re not.” And I won’t even talk about the Team Atlantis audio. Those who were there know what I’m taking about. Anyways, there was the first clan Olympics event at the opening and Cindy and Liz got a kick out of my “utterly confused” expression when Julie and Kyffin’s plan to put balls in a blanket failed and they didn’t show up at the front until like 3/4ths of the way into the game. I couldn’t see them, so I had no idea what happened or if I was just missing them. :P After that, apparently Genn (Ithil) sits with us and I notice, but I’m not sure it’s my honeykins â€" I hadn’t yet met her in person yet XD. Anyways, it is! But I am taken away or I wander away â€" we end up going to dinner at Le Marche, since we didn’t go to eat with the staffs and stuff. We being me, Kelly, Julie, Kyffin, Ethan, Taylor and Liz. That was fun. :] I also gave one of the servers information about the Gathering!! I had forgotten to take off my badge. Anyway, we head back and Kelly, Julie, Kyffin and I go to a clan Olympics event. I think Liz and Taylor went up for the blue mug-a-gust, where Taylor experienced a revelation about Owen and Puck (hehehe). I don’t remember what happened after that, but I do know that we’d gone to bed, then Liz comes back and she and Julie strikes up a conversation. Julie is a adorable giggle-box, but I was feelin’ the lack of sleep heavily and I apparently mumbled funny things in my delirium.

Thus the rampant : “Man...guuuys….geeeez…” comment was borne.


Get up. I don’t remember what happened, except that I got up. OH. Right. Went to breakfast with Liz, iana n Taylor at the hotel buffet, whichw as good. Then-- Clan Olympics. Trivia torute. Which was fun, but we got majorly shafted by the “spirits”. It’s alright, but it was still a bummer. Hoepfully there will be a few more rules on what spririts can do.

Afterwards I went down to the dealers room, where I chatted with Cindy for a while and ended up watching the room because Cindy was drafted into doing the radio play auditions. XD Saw Jen again and we chatted some. I harassed Liz and Taylor while they were doing the artist alley thing. Finally saw some of Taylor’s work and Good GOD! He’s got some AWESOME stuff and hasn’t done commissions before O_O. Silly, silly boy. He seemed shocked that we all said we’d commission him. Oh and I made Cindy draw me Vic porn. XD *snuggles* Kyt draws me some Orcus porn as well, ayayayayaa!!!! I’m such a fangirl XD I also got into a bloody bidding war over Cindy’s Brooklyn and Mary-Sue pic. My limit was at 45 bucks and apparently it went to 80. O_O Go Cins. I also devirginized her new sketchbook. Twice. I feel proud XD.

Anyways, Genn and Ian show up!:D:D So we go around Montreal and end up at a Second Cup â€" like a Coffee Bean place. I marvel over the fact that there is clean air and thoroughly amuse my French Canadian friends, heh. We chat for a while, then eventually, we have to get back. Ian had to go do slave work for the con staff ( kidding XD), so me and Genn just hung out for a bit, until the banquet was going to start. Since she wasn’t going, she left. Wish she could’ve stayed!

In any case, went to the banquet and Kelly gave my seat away, so me and Ian ended up at the table next to them. They drew Greg Weisman to sit at their table. Our table was a riot and completely nutters. It was fun, if a bit odd at times. Dinner was good, and Keith David finally showed up. Also, there was the “ooonch, oonch, oooonch:” techno music from the folks in the room next to ours that kept interrupting things. It was very funny, heehhe. After the dinner, me and Ian helped Liz organize the masquerade stuff and then me, Kelly and Julie helped Liz with her costume and body paint. Funniest moment:

(Through the bathroom door)

Kelly: Liz, you alright in there?

Liz: *pause*….eheheheheee. I have man boobies.

After which she opened the door and the rest of us just died, because she had man nipples that could be used as weapons. It was the chest plate. Heh. Anyways, we slather body paint on Liz and baby powder her and she looks awesome!!! Go down to the ball, where I chat with Cindy and Taylor. Rob wandered in and out, sporting his “President Lex Luthor” look, ehehhe!! The masquerade was AWESOME. Everyone had RAWKIN costumes. Indeed, it was one of the best years yet. After the masquerade, there was karaoke. Keith David even sang some! But I died when Taylor sang the love boat and true to his words, everyone over 35 fell out. XD. It was a great rendition. ^_^ The YMCA song was suitably retarded, but fun, since no one could remember the words XD. I spent most of the night chatting with Andrea (Eliza Maza) â€" a very cool and gifted gal. I’m only sorry I didn’t get a chance to tell her and her husband Tony (Archangel) goodbye on Sunday :/.

I stayed down there for many hours. Then I went upstairs and took a shower. When I got out, the rest of the crew was back. We ended up going to the con suite to chat with the folks. Greg was trying to stay awake until his very early flight out. We chatted and then we watched live action Sailor Moon on Karine’s computer. After that, I was done and we ended up going to bed at 4am.

The last thought on my mind: Alan has sexy knees.

(That’s what you get for putting your man in an above the knee skirt, Jen!)


Apparently Ian and Taylor knocked on our door that morning so we all could go to breakfast. Apparently I answered it. And I was told to go back to sleep. I think I told Liz about it too, but it really didn’t matter. We were all zonked.

Um, I got up and went to the dealers room, hung with Cindy and stuff whilst waiting for Genn. She shows up with Felix! And he indeed has poofy hair XD. Me, Genn, Felix and Karine eventually go to get food â€" I get General Tao’s! karine stays as long as she can, but she has a panel to do, so she leaves. The rest of us follow not long after wards and it’s started to rain! Yay!!!! I love rain and we don’t get any out here in LA. We go to Karine’s Dynamic characters panel and I ask her to draw feet XD. After wards the closing ceremonies aren’t too long away and we sit in the terrace, where we put static clinging balls in Genn and Felix’s hair. Kelly shows up for a bit and we bounce the ball around. Silver and Gorebash show up, along with Arno and Gorebash puts the balloons under his shirt and makes booby Gore! Hehehhe. Pictures are better than words. XD

Go to closing ceremonies, where I win first place for marker canon gargs and marker fanon gargs XD Very cool. I also sell all my stuff, except “Moondance” because I didn’t want to sell it. ^^;; But I sold prints XD Go figure?

Anyhow after closing ceremonies, Keith david does autographs and folks sign up for the Vega 2005 gathering. I have Keith sign a cd that Tony and Andrea gave me!!! That was unfortunately, the last I saw of them *pout* as they left on Monday morning.:/ Taylor satisfies his “Keith david must sign art specially done for him to sign!” urges and Liz hits jackpot â€" Keith wants her business card and work and buys it from her!!! Liz sports goofy look until I last see her on Tuesday. I’m sure she’s still sporting goofy look XD I’m glad both she and Taylor had a good time ^_^.

Anyways, Genn and I are getting hungry and evil â€" Kelly and Julie are at the business meeting, which runs long and so, me, Genn, liz, Felix, Ian and Taylor go to this crepes placeâ€"MAN the food was awesome. We wander back to the hotel, and Genn and Felix end up leaving us (awww!). The rest of us make it in. Later I end up wandering up to the con suite and get engaged in after con “thank all that is holy, it’s over!” party, where I proceed to be groped by small children O.o. I’ll never be the same XD After a while up there, I end up leaving, and say goodbye to Jen! Who’s not coming to the LA Ronde amusement park on Monday because she’s _leaving_. *pout, grumble, pout*

Anyways, I wander back down to Scott’s room, where a video game thing is in full swing. I sit around and chat for a while, until Ian comes in. Folks were playing Mario party 4 and Ian kept having brain non-compute moments that left me, him, Liz and Taylor in stitches. Taylor even drew brains leaving the skull XD Anyways,w e eventually get kicked out, cuz Shaun wanted to sleep and we go to Mike’s (Riverdell) room.

OMG. Noshing the nether nipples.

Mike has an awesome sense of humor. Scott shoved the controller for Mario Kart in my hands and I showed exactly how badly I can play. XD We all giggled a lot, then we ended up going to our room.



Got up. Went to La Ronde. The whole weekend, I’d been suffering from some sort of feverish allergies. While I had a great time, my nose and eyeballs wouldn’t stop running, so I was very subdued when we got to the park. Me, Rob and Cindy go to get food and then Karine, Patrick, and Shaun show up. We munch and I actually feel less vile. We wander for a while, and then Rob insists that we go n the dragon, the LAMEST ROLLERCOASTER IN ALL EXISTENCE. That was really funny. We then go on the ferris wheel and that was just awesome â€" the view was spectacular. And the air felt so good! After that we ended up going on the vampire, which is basically Batman the Ride for those of you Californian folks who’ve been to Magic Mountain. We went on another ride after that, but then me, Karine, Patrick and Laurean, who’d joined us before the Vampire, went back to the hotel. Rob and Cindy had left a few hours before. Shaun went to find Scott, so they could leave.

Anyways, on the way into the hotel, we see Keith David!! He gives Patrick the money for Liz’s prints and he asks us to sing happy birthday to his youngest girl! He was a very nice person, and his family had to be incredibly accommodating to deal with all of us. They were so graceful, I was very impressed. ^_^

I said goodbye to Karine and Laurean, then went to the room to zonk for a while. The rest of merry band was still at La Ronde. ^_^ I woke up later and wandered out with Patrick and another guy who I don’t know the name of to find food. We walked in a giant circle and then settled on Tim Hortons. OMG, best iced cappuccinos ever! We go back and chill for a while, then folks show back up! We chat for a bit that night and stuff, since everyone except me and Julie are leaving on Tuesday. I also think this was the night that I ended up turning Taylor in Jadzia Dax with Julie’s stamping pens. XD HahHhaahha.



Kelly gets up really early and opens curtains. AHHHH.

She packs and gets stuff together, then she ends up leaving. It was very sad, because it was like “it’s over” and that wasn’t fun. We all get up and pack up our stuff and everything. I like Taylor and Liz go get breakfast and pick me up some toast. I learnt o work the coffee machine in the room and make my own coffee. The keys had stopped working for everyone when Kelly checked out, so someone had to stay and keep the door open.

Anyways, Taylor and Liz went and stalked Keith. They had the wrong room, then they had Patrick call Karine and get the right room number, but he wasn’t there. They tried one more time and hit the jackpot. XD I swear Taylor had afterglow *dies* and of course, Liz was grinning and in a happy daze.

They ended up leaving and Julie got herself another room for the night. The room was Goregeous!!!! Afterwards, we went tromping around the city and bought stuff in Chinatown. We had really good charbroiled chicken at a little buffet and panini place. We went back and watched disturbing Discovery channel shows and then it was time for me to meet Genn in the lobby. We went down and Genn showed up. I bid Julie goodbye:/

Me and Genn tromped around with my luggage XD in the subway. We’d gotten almost to her house and the sky opened up and rained basketballs. I loved it, but I didn’t want to be in it. Thankfully, Genn’s Dad showed up and drove us the few block to the house.

They have a beautiful home and her kitty!!! *squeeee!!!*

Her mom makes a salmon thing and we eat and chat over dinner, then we retire to Genn’s basement and look at bishies and art and stuff. We talk too late into the night, then go to bed.


That morning, her mom plies me with fruit ( since I said I eat fruit in the morning) and then she drives us to the metro station so we wouldn’t have to take the bus as we’d done the day before. She mentions, in idle conversation that a toxic gas cloud had rolled through the city that morning O_o.

Anyways, we get back to the hotel and I bid Genn goodbye and she goes to work. ;_;

I go to the airport, go through customs.

Customs: Where do you work?

Me: Berrrr…..

Customs:What do you do for a job?

Me: baaah….

Customs: Are you alright?

Me: …too early for such complicated questions…..

I eventually get through and get on my plane. In Detroit, I ride the bright red train several times XD, then head on to LA, where my dad picks me up and my cat attacks me when I get home.

The end. XD

Greg responds...

I remember staying up so late Saturday night, laughing for hours... and that live action Sailor Moon was truly freaky. Good times. XD (What the heck does "XD" mean?)

Response recorded on March 16, 2006