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Greg Bishansky writes...

Gathering Journal Part 2
Friday, August 6th

Woke up and jumped in the shower, leaving Alex who still wanted to sleep in the room and ran down to the lobby. Registration was not open for another hour and I ran into Whitbourne and Stormy and a couple others (blanking out on their names) and we went looking for food and ended up in China Town... yes, Montreal has a China Town, though unlike NYC's China Town has much less in common with Tiajuana. Nothing opened till 11 so we had to wait, but finally we ended up eating at this Vietnamese place, I had this shrimp and chicken dish, which was pretty good, and finally we headed back.

Found Alex, picked up registration and hung out in the art and dealer's room for a bit, before heading down to the Voice Acting Seminar which was supposed to be run by Greg Weisman (who is a voice director as well as a writer), and Keith David. Unfortunatly we learned then that Keith had been delayed and wouldn't be arriving until much later that night. But Greg did great on it by himself, talking about voice acting and directing fans with scripts, and critiqing them. Jen as usual read for Demona, and according to Greg was "too good", and had to give it to someone else so he could critique them. I believe it was seri_wavelength who read. Anyway, it was a fun panel.

Anyway afterwards about twenty of us including Aaron, Mara, Lynati, Hudson, Mandi Cat, and well... a lot of people went off in search of lunch. We found this crowded diner which thankfully had enough tables outside to sit us. Though Hudson travelled between tables taking a french fry here and an onion ring there. Good burger there, and we all returned to the hotel for Opening Ceremonies.

Opening Ceremonies was the same as usual, the con staff is introduced. But I felt bad for Karine when she got up and asked "what does the fandom want?" and a lot of people shouted out "We want Thom!" as unfortunatly Thom could not be there this year. I missed Thom too, but I understood, and Thom will be back eventually. I hope the con staff doesn't feel too bad about it, because it was a great con, and I don't think they have anything to apologize for. Putting together a con is not an easy feat.

Greg then got up and did his usual, but also announced the release date for the DVD. December 7th. A two disk DVD set containing all thirteen episodes from the very first season of "Gargoyles". The DVD will also contain an audio commentary by him, Frank Paur and Keith David on all five episodes of "Awakening". They will be the original uncut versions, and will have the original pitch for the series on it, as well as the documentary that was being shot about the con.

Greg then showed his videos, telling the old anecdotes that those of us who have been to several of these cons can now finish for him. He showed the original series pitch, the press preview that used music from the soundtracks from "Glory" and "The Power of One", the Jonathan Frakes press pitch, the pitches for "New Olympians" and "Dark Ages" and of course the leica reel for "Bad Guys.... the latter you need to come to a con to see.

Afterwards it was time for "Gargoyles" MST3K where we MSTed the crap out of the episodes "Kingdom" and "Revelations". I'm blanking out on some of the call backs, but hopefully Jade Griffin will post the transcript soon.

I'm blanking out on the next few hours, but I remember hanging out in the dealers room for a bit and then the lobby with the crew talking fic, and we were being filmed by the DVD crew while doing it. Later we went up to Hudson's room and hung out for a bit before it was time for the Blue Mug-A-Guest.

Keith was supposed to be at the Blue Mug-A-Guest but unfortunatly did not arrive, and it was 11 PM, so we figured we wouldn't be seeing him tonight. Greg was able to hold it all on his own, but unfortunatly we did not have any of the "blue" questions from last year. Though after Lex came out of the closet at last year's, it would be hard to top. It was a very, very, very tight squeeze, 30 of us in the con suite, the floor was completely covered. But it was good. We were finally kicked out at around 2:30 in the morning and we all crawled off to bed.

So far a good first day for a great con.

Greg responds...

It is too bad that Keith couldn't make the Blue Mug. I have a feeling, he'd be REALLY good at Blue-Mugging. Just a feeling... ;)

Response recorded on March 21, 2006