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Arthur Jr. writes...

I have some questions about the New Olympians?

1. In "The New Olympians," Is Kiron a decendant of Chiron the Centaur from Greek Mythology?
2. Who are Terry Chung and Jove?
3. What other Mythological characters besides Boreas, Ekidna, Helios, Kiron, Proteus, Talos, and Taurus the Minotaur were in the Gargoyles episode, "The New Olympians."

Greg responds...

1. In theory.

2. Terry's a human. Jove is a New Olympian. For more information... attend a gathering... ;)

3. I think you've named them all... or all that were named. I'm not sure about all the bg characters that Bob Kline put in there.

Response recorded on July 27, 2006