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Ryan writes...

I've watched the DVD now (twice most of the way through), plus all the bonus features... ready for season 2 now. :) To comment on the little Gathering bit on the DVD, at the risk of making myself unpopular here, I'd just like to say, jesus, I hope I never have to go to any of these things. Brought back some really bad flashbacks to the several BotCons I attended, because my girlfriend at the time was a HUGE Transformers freak. oh my god, the people there, biggest dorks in the universe. Just.. plain... SCARY. They make the most inane esoteric jokes in the world (typically obscure references to fanfiction charcters or comic geek lore or whatever, frequently interspersed with sophisticated penis humor or whatever infantile thing is on their mind at the time), stuff no normal person would find funny, and then laugh hysterically like it's the funniest thing in the world. The get SO passionate about the weirdest things, having debates over the most meaningless asinine thing in some episode of the show. Then there's the cosplaying and the role-playing and ... ugh. I didn't know it was possible but it looks like the average person at the Gathering is even geekier than your typical BotCon attendee. Why is it none of these people seem to know anything about personal grooming? You can't even go to pick up chicks because most of the girls there are borderline not-doable. I noticed two exceptions on the Gargoyles DVD. One girl who spoke frequently on the DVD though she REALLY looked out of place with the rest of this crowd... she was totally hot... ambiguous ethnicity... Indian? Pakistani maybe? She said she was considering getting in to voice acting. Then there was another girl who was pretty cute, said that she got picked on a lot in high school and the Gargoyles fandom became her family, she reminded me a lot of my first girlfriend and also looked a bit like Anna Paquin. She was hot too.

Anyway, sorry for the negative rant. Just... ew... bad flashbacks, like I said. Keith David is cool tho, isn't he?

Greg responds...

Ugh, I had a long negative rant of my own about your rant, but I just deleted nearly all of it in the interest of diplomacy. Here's what's left:

--Speaking of "infantile"... reread your own words above. You've topped the infantile list on anything ever posted here in the history of ASK GREG.

--You've never been to a Gathering. And whether or not it's your cup of tea, you have no idea how much fun it is for those who attend -- including myself and Keith David...

[Again, that's the DIPLOMATIC edit of what I originally wrote.]

Response recorded on September 21, 2006