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Anonymous writes...

1.what the heck is timedancer?

2.who is katana?

3.in the gathering what did titania whisper into foxs ear and PLEASE dont
say "im not telling" or "its a secret"

4.in the episode "grief" when the emir ordered the pack to kill the
gargoyles and elisa how did he expect them to die when he had death itself
penned up in the other room?

5.how did thailog survive the firery roller coaster falling on him in the
episode the reckoning?

6.in the episode future tense how did xanotos rise to power?

7.also in the episode future tense how did brooklyn and demona fall in
love considering the fact that brooklyn hated demona more than any of the other

Greg responds...

1. It was a proposed spin-off featuring Brooklyn, bouncing around through
the timestream. It never actually got made.
2. If TimeDancer had been made as either an episode of Gargoyles or
as its own series, Katana would have been introduced as Brooklyn's mate. He
met her in Feudal Japan.
3. [This answer intentionally left
blank so as not to upset Rose.]
4. He wasn't thinking, and unfortunately neither was I. I should
have had the Pack shoot Elisa, Goliath, Angela and Bronx. And then just not
have them die. I don't know how I missed that obvious and perfect bit of
conflict resolution.
5. Without much difficulty, actually.
6. Violently.
7. Keep in mind that none of that was real. Just Puck trying to
rock Goliath's world.

(GDW / 7-22-98)

Response recorded on July 22, 1998