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Duskrider Q writes...


I just dug up a whole bunch of my old Gargoyle video tapes, since I bought the DVD. This show was fantabulous!

I love characters who grow, and I love Goliath. However, I noticed that in "Hunters' Moon" Goliath never lost his thirst or vengence. Even after what looked like Elisa's death, Goliath swore that the Hunters' moon would be the last moon the Hunters would ever see. He even identifies so much with Demona on this that he lets her leave!

In fact, it wasn't the first time we saw the extent to which vengence took Goliath ("The Awakening"), and the Weird Sisters reminded him not to become what he fought against ("City of Stone"). If you had stayed on past the first episode of the third season, where would you have gone with this vengence streak? I would have thought Elisa's almost death would have lead Goliath to reconsider his motivations.

Greg responds...

Elisa's "return from the dead" did. Hopefully, that's a lesson he's learned now. But you never know.

Response recorded on October 01, 2006