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Kenneth Chisholm writes...

Apart from the DVD release, what was Disney management's reaction to the fact that with Gargoyles, they had a series that has a cult following as intense as Doctor Who's or Star Trek's. Were they suprised, confused, pleased or what?

Greg responds...

I don't know that we do have a following as intense as Doctor Who, and I'm quite sure that we don't have one as intense as Star Trek. That's not meant as a knock against our wonderful fans, but face it if we were on Star Trek's level, we wouldn't be worried about whether or not that last DVD set was going to come out.

Disney seems happy that Gargoyles has a solid fanbase, and I think that one or two executives were even hopeful that the Garg DVDs might represent a more-or-less out of left field windfall for the company. That didn't happen. So I think we need to prove all over again how powerful our fandom is.

Response recorded on October 02, 2006