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Toni Age 12 writes...

What is the name of Goliaths biological father. Would he have been long dead before Dark Ages? Was he considered to be "Good" or "Bad". Same thing for his mother.

One last thing Greg, don't give up man. I dare you to pitch as soon as the summer of next year.

All of Spin-Offs are good except (no offense) Pendragon and New Olympians.

Greg responds...

Hey Toni,

I haven't given up on anything in particular, but... pitch what?

As for the spin-offs, well, you're entitled to your opinion. I just don't agree with your assesment of either Pendragon or New Olympians.

And as to your question about Goliath's parentage, Goliath was raised by his entire clan. Most gargoyles in that era and in that location didn't have names and most individuals can't be reduced to "'Good' or 'Bad'".

Response recorded on October 02, 2006