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Insane gargoyle writes...

HELLO HUNNY XD XD XD puajajajajajajaaaaaaaaaaaa. I am Astrid
Yeahhh i am in mood today. I am happy so i will write to you before i fell suicide again and i think that anything have sense. I am from argentina so please please forgive me if you do not understand something or a fuck of this. :)
I have read many times that you said "gargoyles are natural protectores". Now, if Demona HATES humans, tried to killed them and even hurt other gargoyles when they live together is she insane????.
My sister (:P googoogoo) is studing pshicology and she told me that the people is insane when: hurt others ( demona does it all the time), distroy things (item)and hurt himself (generations, the reckoning,vows (""))and deny the truth (mmm...about what she did, that Thailog had betrayed her). I think she is REALLY mad. And even if she knows what is wrong, i think that for her destroy humanity is a GOOD think, because "humans are evils, humans are danger, etc....
Generation is a prove of that: she saids to Angela: "to saved you from your father". For her it was a good think. A way to saved her daugther.
Even the clan think she is mad, Goliath and Brooklyn tell it many times.
If Goliath think it, he does not think taht she needs help???.
Why he just looked her? Looked an inmortal have no much sense, have it??.

Let go to Elisa. Everyone ask what Demona feels about Elisa? But what about her? What she feels about Demona?. Does she hate her? Or what??
Demona enjoy her loneliness??
does demona feared humans??si les tiene miedo, por si sabes español :(:(:(
Angela think her mother is evil? Or she is just twisted??
well, thank a lot and i am very very sorry if i wrote to to wrong and you get crazy reading these...

Greg responds...

Demona is clearly... troubled. Getting her "help" however is much easier said than done.

Elisa isn't too fond of Demona. The reasons don't have to be complex. Demona keeps trying to kill her and Goliath.

Angela is still hopeful that her mother can be redeemed.

Response recorded on October 20, 2006