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JimHarvey writes...

Hey Greg,

My name is Jim Harvey, a reporter/administrator for the website Toon Zone News (http://news.toonzone.net) and The World's Finest (http://wf.toonzone.net). I've seen your name a handful of times on credits for THE BATMAN a few times, which I was glad to see. I'm a fan of your GARGOYLES work and glad to see that your continuing to work in the feild. Now, since I couldn't find your email address anywheres I thought this might be the best way to get ahold of you. I was wondering if I could do a Q & A with you,through email, etc, whatever your prefer, concerning your work on THE BATMAN (and maybe abit on GARGOYLES, specifically the DVD). Now I know this is the wrong way to get aholdof you, but this was the only way I could find. I'm not really immersed in the GARGOYLES fandom so I'm liking missing the obvious route, for that I apologize.

I would really like to talk to you about your work and I hope this reaches you. If it's not just chucked aside or deleted, please respond at bbeyond@yahoo.com . I assure you I have no nefarious plots in mind except to discuss your work on THE BATMAN (emphasizing the season finale which just aired in Canada). Well, with any luck you'll get back to me on this. Have a great day! Best of,

-Jim Harvey

Greg responds...

Hey Jim,

Of course, you and I have conversed many times since you posted here. Glad we didn't have to wait for me to see this.

Response recorded on October 23, 2006