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Jonny D writes...


If you are ever able to bring Gargoyles back to television, do you think you would still pitch it as a show appropriate for children as young as seven? Or would you try to get it on the air as an animated program geared toward a more mature audience? Having read your ramble on Future Tense, I was amazed to learn that today's S&P wouldn't even allow you to discuss things like the explicit deaths in that episode, let alone show them. Given all that, do you think it would even be feasible to keep Gargoyles targetted at the younger demographic while preserving the show's depth?


Greg responds...

Your question is loaded with so many hypotheticals, that it's unanswerable. And, yet, ironically, I've answered it before. Check the archives for a more complete non-answer.

Response recorded on November 07, 2006