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Rhea writes...

I have many questions about Owen/Puck.
1) What exactly were the terms Owen/Puck made with Xanatos?
2) Why did Xanatos chose Owen over a chance for immorlity?
3) What does the Xanatos family (even a future Alex) see Owen as? Buisness partner? Friend?
I mean Xanatos saves Owen from braking in 'City of Stone' so he must like him some what. It's not in Xanatos character to just save someone, they must mean something to him, right?
4) How do the gargoyles, Elisa, and Matt see Owen? Do they think he's like Xanatos, or just a man who helps Xanatos out on the sidelines?
5) Does Oberon care for Puck? He seemed upset about punishing Puck in 'The Gathering'.
6) And am I right in thinking that Owen and Fox's mother knew who each other were before 'The Gathering'? If so why didn't Titinia tell Oberon about Puck/Owen?

Greg responds...

1. A lifetime of service as Owen. No magic from Puck.

2. Confidence (or one might say over-confidence). Xanatos found Owen invaluable. He figured he could get immortality some other way.

3. Why wouldn't Xanatos just save someone? Death is wasteful in his opinion. Certainly losing Owen as a resource is EXTREMELY wasteful. But I think coming out of the "Gathering" two-parter, Xanatos may have learned to appreciate Owen a little more as a friend. Owen/Puck made a huge sacrifice for him. I think Fox would see that too. And Alex will grow up thinking of Owen as part of the family.

4. Well at this point, they know he's Puck. I think they trust Owen not to lie -- and or smash them while they sleep. But they also don't trust Owen to tell the truth. He's Xanatos' man for all that. And they don't quite trust Xanatos either.

5. I think he probably does. I'm not sure he'd admit to it.

6. Owen/Puck knew that Anastasia was Titania. Titania (as far as we know) didn't know that Owen was Puck. As far as we know.

Response recorded on November 10, 2006