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Ambrosia writes...

Here's my try for the 14 clans, Greg:
1. Manhattan
2. Avalon
3. London
4. Guatemala
5. Ishimura
6. Mutates/clones
7. New Olympus
8. the Coldtrio
9. India
10. Paris
11. Ireland
12. a Space Station
13. China
14. Camelot

Thanks for your time!

Greg responds...

O.K. Once more. "Mutates/Clones" isn't a place. "Coldtrio" isn't a place. I won't say whether the Mutates/Clones and/or the Coldtrio represent an entire clan or not. But we're looking for locations here. LOCATIONS. PLACES named with as much specificity as they've been named in the show.

For example, saying "Japan" would get you only a half point, because we've been more specific. Saying "Ishimura" would get you a full point. Saying "Ishimura, Japan" would get you that same full point, because the "Ishimura" implies the Japan, so you haven't added anything. On the other hand, saying "Guatemala" also gets you a full point, because in that case, we've never been more specific. But saying "Obsidiana, Zafiro, Turquesa, Jade and some eggs" as complete as that is, would get you ZERO points, because they are the Mayan clan's POPULation, not its LOCation.

(Sorry, Ambrosia, I didn't mean to pick on you. I just want to make sure everyone gets the rules. And I don't want to have to explain them again.)


Seven full points. Two half points.

Response recorded on June 29, 2000