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Zel writes...

Ok, now for some tiresome "what if" type questions.
1. What happens if a Gargoyle is injured in thier sleep? Like a deep scratch, because I'm pretty sure a beheading is fatal.
2. If an ear or finger breaks off, will there be an open wound at sundown? A healed over nub? A partially regrown apendage?
3. How much damage can a sleeping gargoyle sustain before they just won't wake up at all?
4. If a severed limb or digit were held in place untill sundown, would the limb "wake up" too? Assuming a clean break and a snug fit.
5. would such a limb finger or nose, or whatever, ever be good as new?
6. While we're on the topic of stone healing, Why did Hudson's eye stay scarred?
7. Do gargoyles have a regular immune system as well? Not sure how that would ever come into play, but to somehow take their petrifying ability away biochemicaly or magicly, would they have normal defences against disease and injury? Do Guatamalan Gargs have to deal with this problem?
I'm suprised these issues haven't come up in the show, I mean, The main six guys were trapped outdoors in the elements for a thousand years. And correct me if I'm wrong but Scottish weather isn't always gentle. Thanks for making a show worth nit-picking over 10 years later, Greg

Greg responds...

Let me lead off by repeating for the umpteenth time that I'm not fond of "what if" or hypothetical questions...

1. This has been answered. Check the archives.

2. Ditto.

3. Ditto.

4. No. Not automatically.

5. Doubtful.

6. There are a number of possible answers: the attack was magic based, Hudson was old enough that he doesn't heal as quickly, the attack happened too close to sunset and some scarring took place BEFORE the healing process could begin, etc.

7. I'd guess they have some immune system.

Response recorded on November 20, 2006