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Zel writes...

Maybe you've answered this before, but I can't find the answer in the archives. Why did both Goliath AND Demona abandon the Wyvern eggs? Wouldn't the leader of the clan consider that the living eggs are of high priority? At least try to find a foster clan? Leaving them with humans seems too risky no matter how much the individual humans are trusted. The greater masses of humans aren't nearly so trustworthy. Then there's Demona. She watched them pull the eggs out of Castle Wyvern on a waggon. She knew her own egg was in there, she was ok with humans raising her hatchling? I realize that Goliath and Demona were each in a bad head space durring these events, but we're talking about babies here! People don't treat that stuff lightly.

Greg responds...

"Bad head space." That's a good phrase, and I don't have a better explanation, frankly. If the psychology didn't work for you, then ... well... mea culpa.

But Goliath was suicidal. It is a sad fact that occasionally parents kill themselves, leaving children in horrible situations. That's what happened here.

Demona is too self-preservationist to kill herself, but she's also too self-preservationist to attempt to raise 36 kids on her own while loaded with enough guilt to choke a mastodon.

Response recorded on November 21, 2006