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Rob writes...

Hi there Greg, this is the same Rob that wrote a question about the mirror WAY back in July of 2003. It was just answered recently in 2005. So I'll be here when you do get to my newest question, sometime in 2007? 2008? I'll be graduating college by then.

So I believe I should start off first by saying that this is one of the best shows I've ever seen. The characterization, the chronology, the painstaking detail are things of beauty. I am certainly grateful that you and your staff are such perfectionists, because that makes this story and mythology stand out from all the rest. The two seasons you worked on (and hopefully whatever there is to come) are masterful. Thank you for such an amazing television show.

And now to my question:
Before reading some of your answers and ramblings, I had always been disappointed in hero films or books when the hero is saved by something too lucky. I'm thinking, like in Die Hard when John McClain is in the air conditioning vents and the bad guy almost discovers his whereabouts, but leaves before he is able to kill him. Or in Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade, Indy is almost killed when hanging off the edge of the Nazi tank (because it was heading towards a cliff), but it veers out of the way at the last second. I always thought that it made the hero look weak because he wasn't saved by his own mental or physical prowess, but by luck or a villain's incompetence or even fate. But you made me realize that the hero is guided by fate, so any goofy saves or too lucky occurrences work because fate is at work there. So like I said fate guides the Gargoyles and the other heroes in the Garg Universe. Awhile back, you said heroes from around the world have awakened at around the same time because of something big.
*So I just wanted to ask whether Xanatos's "face turn" (becoming a 'good guy') to use a wrestling term and truce with the Gargoyles is also one of the awakenings of the heroes from around the world? I wager he would certainly be able to help with whatever this big thing is.

Thanks a lot Greg.

Greg responds...

Now that the comic is coming out (I'm currently scripting issue #6) all I'm prepared to say is "NO COMMENT."

Response recorded on November 25, 2006