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Anonymous writes...

WAHOO!!! *waves* Allo, Greg! I dunno if you remember me (Heck, hundreds
of people are coming here all the time after all). I was that 14 year old
girl who wrote here ... wow, must've been around January or so... anyway, that
14 year old is now 15, and I still love the show. Some things just don't
change with age, right? :P hehe "Someday someone should ask me about the "HOBGOBLIN OF LITTLE MINDS" episode that I never got around to doing."
Alrighty then ... *drumroll please* "So, Greg, what about that
Hobgoblin of Little Minds episode you were talking about?" :) Care to be so kind as
to tell us about it? I'd love to know... 'till next time! Lots of luck 'n'
prosperity *hehe*

Greg responds...

1. Hey, Aerie. Glad to have you back. What was your question again?

(GDW / 7-22-98)

Response recorded on July 22, 1998