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Jason writes...

For my questions to whomever,
1. If in the event that season two is released, would it be 1 whole set or multiple sets? My reasoning for this question is because of the fact that there are so many episodes in season 2.

2. If you read a little below you would see that I have the ability to watch the episodes when ever I want. With that aside, I have noticed that once and a while the animation style changes from episode to episode. It would mainly be in the solid and dark type setting but in some episodes, the animation changes to a more "goo'y" style that you would find in a show like Gooftroop. Can this be explained?

Now for my review of the first DVD set. I give it a 9.9. My only reason for not making it a 10 is because I was hoping there would be the featurette from the original VHS tape with the few voice actors and actresses talking and the background story narrated by Jonathan Frakes. That was my only real gripe.

I was surprised to see the video about the 2005 event on the DVD. I wanted to attend so bad, but there was no way I could afford the airfare. (Kind of bummed about that.)

Other then this, the DVD rocks. I will be very honest though, (Please don't hunt me down) I never thought that it would ever come to DVD so I looked around the vast internet and was able to acquire the episodes some time ago. Even though I have done this, I still bought the DVD because I feel that if it is worth buying, then the money should be spent to support the people that created it. This will go the same with season 2 and 3 when they come out (note I say "WHEN" wink, wink.)

I am happy to say that I am a Gargoyle fan (not as much as some but I'd like to think so) and will some day find my way into the amazing world. Thanks for the awesome work and the sheer genius of the Gargoyles Series.

Greg responds...

1. By now... I HOPE you know that Season Two was broken into two releases. The first release, SEASON TWO - VOLUME ONE, was a three-disk 26 episode set. The second release, SEASON TWO - VOLUME TWO, was also slated to be a three-disk 26 episode set. But it has not been released and isn't scheduled yet, due to mediocre sales on Volume One.

2. With the possible exception of a few scenes in "Enter Macbeth", I don't think we had any animation in the first two seasons that would have fit inside "Goof Troop". We did have a variety of overseas animation studios in multiple countries working on episodes. There's no doubt that our best stuff came from Walt Disney Animation Japan. But we got some VERY good stuff from a Korean Studio as well ("City of Stone") and other places. But we got some stinkers, I'll admit. But none that looked Goof Troopish. I do recall that there was an episode of the Goliath Chronicles that I think was done in Australia that had a distinct Aladdin flavor to it. But I've only ever seen the Goliath Chron eps once each (except for THE JOURNEY).

3. You're welcome. And THANK YOU. I do appreciate that you pitched in and paid for the legit DVDs.

Response recorded on November 28, 2006