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keemew2 writes...

Okay. I have read everysingle Owen/Puck question in the Archives as of this time (the newer questions that are not in the archives yet, however, have yet to be read cuase then I would have to comb through the recent answers list very carefully).
Anyway. I have noticed on thing that seems to be quite a trend with a lot, and I mean a ~lot~ of answers.
"I can't and/or won't answer that at this time."
So, my question is this. When? ~When~ will you let us know things? Will we ever be able to find out? Will you ever tell us? There is so much I want to know, but so little you are willign to tell us for now. Are you trying, oin some way, to manage to start the series out again from a real seasojn three on? Are you planning to find a way to make those spinnoffs? What is your cruel reasonign for stifling us of this knowledge that we so desperatly crave!? DO you realize how evil that makes you?
I was eleven when this show came on. I watched it as often as I could, I was excited because it was Disney and my ~dad~ liked it (he hates nearly anythign Disney related). Not to mention that it was the most challenging show I'd seen of all the shows that had been on (I really, really ~really~ loved the dark undertones of the series, it was new and interesting, not kiddified).
Yes, I know I am a drama queen. That isnt' th point.
So, is there any chance my question of 'when' can be answered?
I'll love you either way, but I'l love you more if I can get a good answer ;P.

Greg responds...

My "cruel reason" has never been a secret. I ALWAYS hoped to relaunch the series, and now I have (or we have) as a comic book. So the WHEN is now, in essence. No not every question will be answered in the first few issues, but some will... and given enough issues... all will. So pick up a copy and most important... SPREAD THE WORD!

Response recorded on December 13, 2006