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Todd Jensen writes...

Here's a few comments on the second Gargoyles DVD.

One thing that I find a little startling is the "introduction sequence", which contains what may be the first case of 3-D animation that I've seen for "Gargoyles", in the form of a 3-D representation of Goliath in his stone sleep - which then breaks away to reveal a more conventionally animated Goliath beneath. It's certainly taking a little getting used to.

I've been watching the DVD, at any rate, and enjoying it, particularly its clearer animation than my old tapes enjoyed. The first thing that I saw, of course, was "City of Stone" with the audio commentary on. The comments from you, Frank, and Michael were mostly familiar information from "Ask Greg", though I got a kick out of the remark that the only ones happy about Demona's spell upon the city (besides Demona herself) were the pigeons! (I was also pleased that you allowed the audience to hear Demona's two most important lines in the four-parter - perhaps two of her most important lines in the series - "What have I - what have they done to you?" and "The access code is 'alone'.")

I also enjoyed the "Gathering" interview with cast and crew. (One bit that amused me was Brigitte Bako's comparison of Angela to such Shakespearean heroines as Desdemona and Juliet. Her particular choice of those two struck me as appropriate, since Angela gets possessed by Coldfire/Desdemona in "Possession" and she and Broadway are reading "Romeo and Juliet" in the library in "The Journey".)

And I certainly hope that sales will be good enough for Disney to come out with the final 26 episodes of Season Two this December (the December of 2006) so that we can have the entire set. At any rate, my congratulations for an enjoyable product, that definitely beats my old tapes from the nineties (except that they use the original ending for "Vows").

Greg responds...

Thanks. I'm still hoping for the new set to be released. But as I've stated we need to get Disney's attention ALL OVER AGAIN... by increasing sales on the first two sets so much that they can't imagine not releasing the third set. So SPREAD THE WORD!!

Response recorded on December 20, 2006