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Anonymous writes...

Okay, I don't know if these questions have already been asked yet
(probably not), but I'm a busy person, and a 600k text file? That's not as big as
the old Doom FAQ, but then again, the Doom FAQ had a lot of extra stuff in
it... ANYWAY...my questions...

1. Okay, I don't care about who Angela chose as a mate and I've seen your
responses as to how Broadway treated her, etc etc. Well, I see a bit of an
anomaly here. You said something in the early archives to someone else
back when I used to have time to read this. You said "Broadway saw her for who
she was, Brooklyn, who he wanted her to be." Not to criticize, but how
were we to know that? There weren't that many episodes (20, tops, sorry, can't
get the number right off the top of my head) between the Gathering, when
she was introduced to the Trio and the Journey in which she fell for Broadway.
There wasn't much time for explanation of how Broadway seemed to prove to
be the better of the three between Turf and Journey. I'm not saying she
shouldn't have chosen Broadway, I'm saying how could she have chosen ANY
of them that early without much explanation? It just kinda puzzles me...

2. Okay, it basically came across that Demona and MacBeth were immortal.
Not invulnerable to pain and damage, but they were immortal unless they
directly tried to kill each other. Well, what if it was something serious? Not just
a little laser blast or bullet. How about nuclear radiation exposure? Or
plague? Toxic chemicals? I'm not suggesting any plots. I just want to know
how their bodies would react. Would the bodies be overwhelmed with pain
and permanently scarred?

3. Now I noticed that when gargoyles considered themselves "warriors" and
whenever they had these massive all-out slugfests with one bad guy or
another, it was pretty two-dimensional. Now they did have a share of
airborne battles, but take for instance when they fight Demona in "Long
Way To Morning". After Goliath gets singed by the laser, I could understand
that. But before, knowing that Demona had a laser, and was probably much
faster and more manuverable, why wouldn't she attempt an aerial ambush?
Sometimes gargoyles seemed too attached to the ground they walked on...

Greg responds...

1. Well, I suppose that's a fair comment. But I wasn't setting out to
JUSTIFY (in capital letters) their relationship. That's what happened. I
think there were hints in Turf and Possession of what was coming. And
certainly there were hints as to what kind of suitor Brooklyn was if you
studied his relationship with Maggie objectively. But basically, I think
we showed subtle hints of the feelings Broadway and Angela were developing
from Gathering right through to The Journey. Possession put them in very
close proximity. It was probably a turning point of sorts. But let me
say, I wanted the kiss in Journey to be a bit of a surprise. Not a
OHMYGOD THATCANTBE shock, but I was hoping to catch you off guard. MAKING
SURE YOU WERE OK WITH IT wasn't my priority.
2. I've addressed this before -- multiple times. I'll forgive you
for not wanting to take the time to read the archives, if you'll forgive me
for not wanting to take the time to rewrite answers I've already related.
3. I don't agree with your basic assessment. We had our share of
air battles. Besides, Gargoyles can't fly and are dependent on wind
currents to glide.

(GDW / 7-22-98)

Response recorded on July 22, 1998