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Shari B writes...

Here's my fourth guess at the 14 clans...

1 - London, England
2 - Ishimura, Japan
3 - Guatemala
4 - Loch Ness, Scotland
5 - Wyvern, Scotland
6 - New Olympus
7 - Tintagel
8 - Avalon
9 - Manhattan, NY, USA
10 - Labyrinth, NY, USA
11 - Paris, France
12 - Victoria Land, Antarctica
13 - Xanadu, China
14 - Giza, Egypt

I'm having so much fun with this contest. I've been keeping track of everyone's guesses, and with every new answer I learn (or confirm) something. I was overjoyed when you actually started giving scores. It has become much easier for me to add up the scores since you started telling us the number of half points recently, but it was actually more fun when an 8 might mean 8, or 7 and 2 halves, or 6 and 4 halves, etc. I appreciate all the hints, but please don't give too many more, or you'll be making it too easy for us!


Greg responds...

11 full points. 1 half point. That's a damn good score. And, no, I'm gonna stick to this system now, but I'm gonna try NOT to give anymore EXTRA hints.

And frankly, as close as you guys are getting numerically, I still don't think anyone's ever going to solve this one.


Response recorded on July 05, 2000