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K9: The First writes...

I have two questions about the Gargoyles Comic book. (Congradulations by the way! ^_^)

I: Should it prove succesful, will you do the spin-offs?

II: When should we expect Trade Paperbacks, and where can we find out updates on release dates? I ask this because I am unable to get comics as they come out annualy. The closest Comic book store is about a 25-minute drive on the Interstate, so you can see the practicality problems with gas prices the way they are. (That, and I don't know how to get there.) HOWEVER! I do make the occasional trip to Barns & Noble or Borders with my mom and I always take enough money to pick up a TPB or two.

Greg responds...

1. Success if relative, but the short answer is yes.

2. I don't know. You could always try ordering the comic on line, of course.

Response recorded on February 13, 2007