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Ed writes...

Clan guesses... hmm, I'm bound to be useless at this, but I might as well have a go!

Clans existing in 1994:

1. London
2. Ishimura
3. Guatemala
4. New Olympus
5. Rome
6. Xanadu, China*
7. Paris
8. Avalon

New clans by 1996:

9. Castle Wyvern, Manhattan
10. Labyrinth, Manhattan
11. Cairo, Egypt
12. Wyvern, Scotland

13. Norway
14. New Camelot

*I'm not sure who I should give credit for the Xanadu bit to (Aris?) but this isn't one I'd have any idea about the exact location otherwise so apologies to whoever it was.

(And incidentally, responding to your point that Elisa used her thumb to count 'three' on her hand: I count using my thumb too. Sorry this is irrelevant, but it wasn't worth wasting a post over IMO).

Greg responds...

Ten full points. One half point.


Response recorded on July 07, 2000