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Lexy writes...

Hello GregFrom a later post I did on what do you consider aclan...
Yes, unpure was what I had in mind when referring to
the New O. clan. But I think time has answered my Q
for me. Thanks. As for spelling..*sighs heavily* I'm
sorry. I promise from now on only to post after I have
gone through each word with a dictionary (has no spell
check:P can you believe that? on a 98'!) unless it is
an extream emergency Q. Your right, if I don't wait
for feed back it is pointless. As far as like where in
Italy..I guess I hadnt been putting down specific
places cuz I thought that would give me a mountain of
half points and drive me clean up a wall. But if it is
mandatory or just helps you out I will do so!:)

1) Manhattan
2) London
3) Ishimura
4) Guatemala
5) New Olympus
6) The Labyrith
7) Avalon

8) Xanadu,China
9) Italy,Rome
10) Turkey
11) Paris,France
12) Antarctica
12) Ireland
13) Lockness,Scotland

P.S: I really will try on the spelling..but..don't expect any miracles.

Greg responds...

I'm not big on spell-checks anyway. You tend to wind up with sentences like: "This is what I want from my COLLAGE education." or "I think we may be in a POSSESSION to help each other." Good old proof-reading is still the best method. Reading aloud helps too.

As for the contest...

Ten full points. One half point.

And you mispelled Loch Ness and Labyrinth.

But tyca...

And don't take this curmudgeon too seriously. I've had my fair share of typos too.

Response recorded on July 07, 2000