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Dusk Rider Q writes...

My Review of Issue #2

Let me start by saying. "The Journey" was never one of my favorite episodes. It's too heavy on exposition, and doesn't introduce us to anything new but the Quarrymen. (I'm not a big fan of them either as they sort of hit us over the head with the KKK comparison. I much prefer the Hunters with their own pact of vengeance, a long history to harbor a grudge, and a powerful symbol of hate with it's own story behind it) I understand the need for being friendly to new readers, but there's too much a crash course in Gargoyles back story and not enough a plot. The plot instead consist mostly of Goliath moping around in Part one followed by he and Elisa running around in part 2. Also, Vinnie's turn seems to get treated as the big reveal, and most of us should have seen that coming. Just my two cents, though.

All the same, there were things that more than made up for that. Firstly, I like that this issue doesn't hold back, but still doesn't get gratuitous. The blood from Goliath's injury is enough to show the seriousness of his injury. The TV version would have you think he just got bruised and hit hard. Although, contrary to that, Elisa looked like she got hit pretty hard with the hammer. Yet, she gets up a little later without much damage? Secondly, I like Margot Yale showing a lot of promise with being someone who could give Elisa and Matt grief in future story arcs due to her power as both a DA and a Task Force advisor. I imagine she'll start catching on to them helping the gargoyles out if she at all competent! Thirdly, the quips were cute and clever such as Lex's sardonic reply to Fox about her compliment meaning so much. Also, I really like Castaway's line " I don't teach lessons and I don't take prisoners" for no apparent reason. Likewise, Elisa's comment about how it is easier if she stays behind sometimes is one of the best in the episode. She does seem to want to be in action a lot when she isn't exactly needed, but at least she proves to be a help in the clock tower. Thank you for not making her a damsel (Yin often turned into that after you left in The Batman.)

The art is wonderful! I wasn't sure how I liked it at first. But now, as near as I can see everyone was completely on frame in this issue. Guler is finding his nitch I see with the frames on top of frames and angles. He really adds deserved detail to the full spread shots like Elisa and Goliath laying unconscious in the title page and there being a puddle with a reflection of the night sky. (Somehow I was saying "Aww" instead of "oh no!" They just look cute and strangely sensual like that.) Furthermore, I love how much facial expressions add to some panels, such as when Vinnie pull on his hood with such a subtle sadness. Finally, Just like the last issue the juxtaposition of unfounded discrimination with who the gargoyles truly are were nice touches. However, some frames in the end battle, such as the one where Castaway fall out the window, were hard to distinguish, and I don't think that's because of the darkness.

So overall, I hope you see my likes far outweigh my dislikes! I can barely contain myself with the anticipation for the new story. Woo HOO! Ten years later and a new story! I truly hope the next issues are as regular as you said in the letter at the back. Some people seem worried about picking up the book with such a large delay. Still, maybe that's not the case. I got the second to last issue at my local store.

Keep up the good work! (lol. I say that like you get a gold star)

Greg responds...

Just to be clear, Guler is our cover pencillist, but the interiors of issue #2 were pencilled by David Hedgecock.

And thanks for the gold star.

Response recorded on March 09, 2007