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Antiyonder writes...

I'd say issues one and two overall were pretty enjoyable, but can't really comment without restating everyones opinions. Though I do have some questions and a comment.

1. The majority of new scenes and dialogue, were they part of your script for the episode when it was first in production?

1a. If not, then was it for the fans who already watched the episode. To give them something new?

2. Given that the episode, "A Lighthouse In The Sea Of Time" encourages reading, perhaps it is a good thing that Gargoyles is in comic format. For one, because you have to read a comic (though there are the pictures, still). Second, because the show might have fans who can't read. The comics would probably give them the incentive to read.

Greg responds...

1. Most were part of an early draft that I had to cut down because it was too long. Some were in the final draft, but got cut by the Goliath Chron's producers. A few changes were made here and there just in the comic book script, mostly to put more names in to identify characters for new readers.

1a. That too.

2. Can't hurt.

Response recorded on March 09, 2007