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Laura aka 'ad astra' writes...

Clan Contest

As the person who (if I remember correctly) guessed enough to be surprising when first you alluded to this on the old Ask Greg [I was the first to bring up Griff's 'Scottish Stock' comment] I feel I must try- but as I look at the many previous attempts I doubt I can get it. I also have a sneaking suspicion some of your answers where different in different replies. Here goes:

The six we know:
-Manhattan (Goliath's)
-New Olympus
-London (or just outside, but owning the London shop)

Certain to develop-
-Clones- in Manhattan for lack of a better place. The Labrynth if you want more specificity.

Probably existing already-
-Lochness -Griff's comment, Monsters' plot. And narrowed down from Lexy's multiples guesses

Probably revived in future-
-Wyvern Scotland

Now for intuitive guesses-
-Paris- guess
-China [sometimes seems in either or choice with Paris, sometimes not] probably .5, it is a big country. Since the Yetis in that lost World Tour ep were not gargoyles I can't guess Himalayas, (or have to comment on China and Tibet), and nothing else in that part of the world has been hinted to.

-Camelot- know is .5 from Lexy's multiples. If you want ~less~ specificity I'd say another British clan, around that area- Wales? [I've no sense of Arthurian geography].

-Space station- future (I have a vague memory of it being mentioned)

-California- future (a post with it did well)

Ironically, Africa having large undeveloped regions make it a good candidate for gargoyles surviving, but it seems be discounted by process if elimination.

[I put in my reasons so that my most wild suppositions may seem at least partially logical]

Greg responds...

ten full points. two half points.


Response recorded on July 19, 2000