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Demonskrye writes...

Arthurian Contest

I'm adding in the reasoning behind my choices, just to make this a bit more interesting.

1. Arthur Pendragon (You already gave us this one. He's already appeared on the show. No-brainer.)
2. The Lady of the Lake (Another one you gave us. Also already showed up.)
3. Merlin (Various references to him in your replies make him an almost certain candidate.)
4. Morgan Le Fey (Some of the Arthurian baddies have to show up <though Morgan falls out of this category if you take the view of her from "Mists of Avalon"> Anyways, Morgan does survive in most versions I've read. And I rather see her than Morgause, especially as written by T.H. White <shudder>)
5. Percival (I didn't consider Percy until he came up in other people's guesses. He's one of the knights who found <or came close to finding, depending on who you read> the Grail. He could still be around somewhere.)
6. Galahad (He's kind of a long shot, but I'm basicly using the same logic I used for Percival. Plus he was considered Arthur's best knight, being Lancelot's son and all. So why not?)
7. Mordred (This one's a real dark horse <Hey everyone, go read "Hellboy"!> but like I said, there's got to be some villains. Plus, you've been talking about how you like the "bastard" achetype and Mordred's pretty much a bastard in every sense of the word.
8. Bedevere (He's the last Round Table knight...I think. Really wish I had a book with me. Anyways, he didn't die and it gives a sort of odd continuity to it. Assuming I've got the right name.)

Greg responds...

Well, this contest was over months and months ago.

Your first five guesses are correct. You're last three are wrong. Galahad ascended after drinking from the Grail. Mordred was killed by Arthur. Bedevere died en route to the Holy Land.

Instead of those three guys we have Nimue, Blanchefleur and the Green Knight.

Response recorded on July 26, 2000