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Shadow Wing writes...

Hi Greg, I'm back again.

I've been doing my best to spread the word about Gargoyles - I've told people about the comics, the DVDs, and the Gathering - I've even managed to bring a couple more people into the fandom by loaning them the DVDs - they were hooked from Awakenings.

Since December, I've managed to get the first two issues of the comic - would have gotten the third today, but I couldn't make it to my comic store. Hoping to get it Friday.

I loved the first two issues - and the fact that I already knew the story in them did absolutely nothing to reduce the pleasure I derived from them. I may or may not go into a more detailed review after I get the third ish.

Anyhow, I've spent the past three months watching my DVDs (the Toon Disney airing keeps moving to less and less convenient time slots, and on some level, I wonder if they're TRYING to get bad ratings for it), and have come up with a few questions/comments - but I don't want anything to be dropped from Ask Greg, so they won't be submitted now.

I'm trying like mad to make it to The Gathering this year - Pigeon Forge is the closest it's ever been, and I don't know how long before it comes close enough for me to attend again (limited budget, can't afford air fare). If I can make it, I hope to see you there.

Greg responds...

Hope to see you there also. And I do appreciate the efforts you've been making to spread the word.

I would like to (once again) disabuse everyone of the notion that Disney is TRYING to sabotage the property. That's just nonsense. (I realize you were half-kidding, but people might take the notion seriously if I let it stand unchallenged.) You can accuse Disney of at worst, benign neglect. They may not have exploited the property to the extent that you and I and the hardcore fans would like, but they are not, have not and will never intentionally sabotage it. Disney, as a company, is out to make money. Sabotaging their assets is not a path to making money.

Response recorded on April 03, 2007