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Charisma82 writes...

I just read the good news that BAD GUYS will be a 6 issue limited comic book. I can see that if the comic book doesn't do well that you'd only want 6 done, but what if it does well? Would you make more than just the 6 comic books? I know you want to jump into PENDRAGON after the 6 are done, and if you do, would you continue BAD GUYS from that point, or would you go back and tell stories that happened within the 1st and 6th comic books?

Thank you for your time and for creating the new comic book.


Greg responds...

If Bad Guys is a success, we would eventually bring it back, either with another Gargoyles:Bad Guys limited series or if the demand was just HUGE with it's own series. But for the time being the idea of alternating the regular bi-monthly Gargoyles comic with a bi-monthly spin-off mini-series is very appealing to me. It's not an overwhelming amount of work for me to cover, and it allows us to visit all over the Gargoyles Universe.

Response recorded on April 03, 2007