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Shadow Wing writes...

I've noticed a trend in the episodes that center around Hudson: old age, and the infirmity that comes with it. Firstly, in "Long Way to Morning," Demona makes several less than encouraging comments, in the past and present, regarding Hudson's age. For example, when she is hunting for Hudson and Goliath, she taunts the elderly gargoyle, saying "This game is futile. You were too old to play it a thousand years ago."
Later, in "The Price," Xanatos attempts to convince Hudson to go along with being a test subject for the Cauldron of Life - "Still wasting your evenings in front of a television set? You're of little use to your clan, you might as well be of some use to me."
Even The Goliath Chronicles had an episode that followed this theme - "Dying of the Light" - wherein Hudson's vision is blurring, his one good eye beginning to give out (and personally, I felt that this episode wasn't half as bad as others [coughcoughJusticeForAllcoughcough]).

These variations on the theme lead me to ask - if, as Hudson says, "a Gargoyle can no more stop protecting the castle than breathing the air," what then does a Gargoyle do who has grown too old to fight?

Greg responds...

Let's all hope that Hudson lives long enough to find out. We're also hoping to move Hudson beyond such rarified concerns. I don't think his literacy story in "Lighthouse" was age specific. And Hudson has plenty to do in upcoming issues...

Response recorded on April 03, 2007