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Todd Jensen writes...

I was wondering if you could give us some advice on how to spread the word about "Gargoyles". The one potential problem with doing so on the Internet that I can think of is that I want to do so without making it look as if I'm just spamming whatever forum I'm visiting (something that would be more likely to turn people off "Gargoyles", which I obviously don't want). Do you have any suggestions on how we can spread the word without appearing like, say, pesky telemarketers?

Greg responds...

I wish I did. But as many of you know, I'm not that facile with computers or the internet. I've learned a lot from your fellow gargoyles fans, but I'm not a regular visitor to fan boards, and I don't know the ettiquette. Obviously, we don't want to come off as spamming someone else's board. But on the other hand, there must be SOME way to say the equivalent of "Hey, I'm a big ElfQuest fan. And I'm also a big Gargoyles fan. If you like ElfQuest, you might like Gargoyles too." I know that sounds pretty transparent, but maybe if one establishes one's creds on this board or that, so that the crowd there knows one and trusts one not to spam, it would help. Maybe.

Response recorded on April 06, 2007