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Shannon "Shan" MUir writes...

As you know, you and I were both recently at WonderCon in San Francisco. After the panel we did together, I stayed for yoyr spotlight panel which I enjoyed very much.

However, as I was leaving, I wound up behind two young women. I didn't catch all of their conversation but one line was along the lines of: "Thailog... Coldstone... I had no idea what he was talking about."

Now, granted this may only be a minority reaction. The bigger question is, how challenging do you find it in your convention appearances when speaking to people with a varied range of knowledge about GARGOYLES?

Greg responds...

I don't find it challenging at all... but then I guess I didn't think about this aspect much, did I?

These things can be a mess. At this point there are a ton of spoilers from the original series that it never occurs to me not to spoil most times. And more than once, I've heard groans as newer fans are spoilt by something I've said in a panel.

But there's careful and there's careful. And at some point, I just have to go for it. I'm obviously going to be MUCH more circumspect about Spider-Man, which won't air for another year than I'm going to be about Gargoyles, a property where I've spent a decade giving stuff away.

Response recorded on April 06, 2007