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Antiyonder writes...

You mentioned not hearing about Daredevil The Director's Cut, so I'll explain it as much as I can. Daredevil as was originally planned was R Rated. Characters like Foggy Nelson and The Kingpin (who's sense of menace is built upon more) got more screen time. It includes a murder subplot missing from the theatrical cut, which had Coolio playing accused murderer Dante Jackson (Though his name was left in the credits in the theater). Overall the murder case plays a part of how Wilson Fisk was revealed as the Kingpin.

As the commentary would describe it, the Director's Cut puts more emphasis on Matt representing the underdog, less on the love story. You'd probably like it (better than the theatrical cut).

Greg responds...

I saw Daredevil on a plane, and I'm generally more forgiving of movies on a plane. Having said that, my memory of the film is pretty vague.

Response recorded on April 12, 2007