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Michele Raralio (aka Kiva) writes...

Aloha Greg!

After all this time, I fugured I wanted to take a stab at the locations of the living clans contest. Here goes:

1. Disneyland (last I checked, they still had some Gargs)
2. Walt Disney World, Orlando (them, too)
3. Walt Disney Studios, Japan (heehee...)
4. The Disney Store (I'll lump all stores into one; they have occasional Garg goodies)
5. The Disney Archives (where they will be hidden away until the world is ready for them once more... ;)
6. The local video place (may there someday be a clan DVD)
7. My Video Library (self-explanitory)
8. "Your" Video Library ("your" meaning any collection that isn't mine)
9. Various Animators' Portfolios (trust me, I've looked!) ;)
10. Atop the desks, monitors, shelves, etc. of fans around the world (I am guilty as charged, my apartment is heavily Gargoyle-fortified)
11. The toy/comic/hobby store (although I've heard this variety or garg is becoming quite rare...)
12. eBay (you wouldn't believe some of the Gargs you come across there!)
11. The Internet (although those of clan Microsoft prove to be quite finicky at times)
14. In the hearts and minds of the former Garg staffers (I'd break into a chorus of "Remember Me This Way," but I'm afraid my singing is worse tham my attempts at humor...)

I'll also enter a little disclaimer: Given that I know a member of the Gargs staff (Roy Sato is my boyfriend), I think my entry would have to be disqualified, anyway, even if it was serious. ;)

Anyway, Greg, I just wanted to send you a little note to mention how awesome I think Gargoyles was. You and the Garg team brough a really terrific and unique show to the air. Sometimes I get to hear behind-the-scenes stories from the animation side of production; it's really cool to get the scoop from your camp, too! I'm not sure how many folks from the staff you still keep in touch with, but you all definitely deserve a huge "YOKU DEKIMASHITA!" (GREAT JOB!) Thanks again!


Greg responds...

Thank you.

(Uh, by the way, you officially scored ZERO. But hey, tyca, anyway, I don't mind if either you or Roy win the contest. Given the nature of it, i.e. everyone trying to guess what I've made up in my own personal brain, it doesn't seem to me like you've got an unfair advantage.)

I do hope to meet the two of you someday. I'm hoping that one of these years you guys might make it out to a Gathering.

Response recorded on July 29, 2000