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Tha Ghost writes...

continuity questions:

im foggy on the episode titles because ive just watched both DVD releases but ive noticed in some episodes when the Gargoyles turn to stone any object they are holding turns to stone as well eg. Demonas gun, Hudsons sword however when Hudson turns to stone holding Merlins scrolls they remain unchanged is this a simple continuity error or was there a greater plan?

also Sevarius says that the way the Gargoyles have enough energy to fly is by storing solar energy in their stone form however Demona can fly after Puck changes her so she can be human by day, continuity error or greater design?

Greg responds...

This is ALL in the archives...

The humility spell affects clothes and whatever at the moment they consider "part of their uniform". So Hudson's sword is inconsistent, depending on his mindset at sunrise.

Puck's magic compensates for Demona.

Response recorded on April 25, 2007